What is ICO Patrol?

ICO Patrol is a listing of blockchain-based projects that attract funds through the ICO. On our website you can find projects that have ongoing or upcoming ICOs, as well as those that already finished collecting investments. We provide our users with the opportunity to check the evaluation of each project. This evaluation is made by our specialists, experts and crypto investment funds. A unique feature of ICO Patrol is the opportunity of every user to express their opinion towards a particular project and give it a certain grade. You can submit information about your project on our website for free. After it is checked and confirmed by the moderator, it will appear on our website.

What is ICO?

ICO(initial coin offering) is a way to attract investments by selling out a fixed number of new cryptocurrency units in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies. There is also a term “initial token offering”. Besides, the term “crowdsale” is often used.

What is the difference between Pre-ICO and ICO?

Pre-ICO — means that a blockchain-based company sells tokens before an official ICO starts. Tokens usually cost less during Pre-ICO as compared to a main ICO.

What is Token?

A token is an accounting unit, different from a cryptocurrency, designed to represent a digital balance in a certain asset. In other words, a token is used as a kind of a stock in the digital world. In a nutshell, token is an asset, purchased with fiat money by an investor. The project uses this money for its implementation.

What is Roadmap?

A roadmap is a plan of project’s development. Usually it includes all key milestones of project’s implementation since it has been launched. Moreover, plans that developers and managers have set for the future are also mentioned. By reviewing a roadmap, one can find out whether it is actually possible to implement a project, its long term prospects, team capacity etc.

What is White Paper?

A white paper is a main document that includes all information related to a project - detailed idea description, operation principles, results of market analysis, the whole economy and tokenomy. The document also provides information on an upcoming ICO, issue of tokens and budget distribution, as well as information about developers and managers of a project. Investors can get ALL necessary information related to the project by checking its white paper.

What is KYC and Whitelist?

Whitelist is a way to hold an initial coin offering that requires a preliminary registration of ICO participants. Usually this is typical for popular projects that offer a limited number of coins.

KYC (know your customer ) - this procedure means that you are supposed to provide the company a copy of your ID and a selfie with it. The aim is actually to prove the company that you are you.

What is Soft Cap and Hard Cap?

Soft Cap is a minimum amount of funds, necessary to implement a project.

Hard Cap is a maximum amount of collected funds. For example, if an ICO is still on, but a hard cap has already been reached, a company stops collecting investments ahead of schedule and starts developing the project.

What is Bounty?

A bounty campaign is a chance to get free tokens of a project with an upcoming or an ongoing ICO in exchange for certain advertising assistance, translations, development of art content, activities in social networks, etc. Those who decide to join a bounty campaign, do not have to pay for tokens and get them in exchange for actions mentioned above.

What will I get by staying in the "Premium projects"?

Your project always has a priority in lists of other ICOs and appears when users search for other projects. Your project is also displayed in an additional block on the main page of our website. It will help your project get a significantly bigger outreach and the project will receive more views and visitors.

Restricted areas

This is a list of countries and regions, where residents are not allowed to participate in ICO projects for legal reasons.


Who can rate the project?

These are ICO Patrol, Experts, Representatives of crypto investment funds, as well as registered users.

How can I rate the project?

You should register on the website. Check the page of a project that you are interested in and click on “Rate this project” in a block with rating under the overall rate.

What are the project evaluation criteria?

The criteria are selected to meet all generally accepted requirements for projects evaluation. You can learn more about these criteria here:

What is the difference between user and expert evaluation?

Experts and investment Funds rate projects differently as compared to registered users. Experts are more experienced, have worked with a number of projects and can examine each project deeply. Rating process is much more simpler for casual users, so that they do not need a lot of experience, time and preliminary project examination to put their rate.

What is the priority of estimates?

The estimates by ICO Patrol, as well as by Experts and Funds have top priority. The estimates by users are displayed as a separate parameter. This is made to keep projects safe from hacker attacks and haters.

How can I increase the rating of my project?

The rating is independent. It is not possible to purchase the rating by paying management of the website or Experts. If you want to improve your rating, you should advance and develop your project, correct your previous mistakes that may have had a negative impact on the reputation of the project. Then Experts who will estimate your project in the future, will have reasons to put better grades and it will influence the overall rating.

How can I place your rating of my project on my site?

We have a special widget that enables you to easily choose your project in a list and copy a code to put it on your website. You can find the widget here:


What types of users are on ICO Patrol?

There are 3 types of users on the website: "User", "Expert", "Fund". There are also Administrators.

How can I register?

Click on "Register \ Login" in the header of the website, select the "Registration" tab and enter all the data. Then you should open the email and confirm the registration. You can also login to the website using the account of any social network listed above.

How can I get “Expert” status?

You should complete the registration on the website, log in to your profile (the button is in the top right corner), click on “Edit Profile”, then on “For Expert\Funds”, provide all required information and complete KYC. You should also have a widely recognized experience in this area and a reputation of a crypto-expert.

Do I have to pay to become an expert?

You should not pay anything to obtain an expert status. It is free.

How can I register my Crypto Fund?

You should go through a registration process on the website, log in to your profile (the button is in the top right corner), click on “Edit Profile”, then on “For Expert\Funds”, then provide all required information and complete KYC. You should also be an official representative of a registered investment Fund. We will contact you via official email to confirm this information.

How can I find my personal account?

If you have logged in to your account, you should click on the name of your profile in the right corner of the header and then choose “View profile” or “Edit profile”, depending on what you want to do.

How can I complete the KYC?

You should log in to your profile (the button is in the top right corner), click on “Edit Profile”, then on “For Expert\Funds”, then click on “APPLY FOR KYC” opposite “KYC verification” parameter. Then follow the instructions.